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              Bob Akin                             I graduated from Hooks High School and attended

                                                                                                     Texarkana College and East Texas at Commerce. I began

                                                                                                     my career in air conditioning and own A+ Heating and Air

                                                                                                    Conditioning and Sheet Metal in Red Lick, Texas. I am a

                                                                                                     member of C-5 Volunteer Fire Department.  My wife and I

                                                                                                     are members of Hardy UMC. I have served as an alderman

                                                                                                     of Red Lick City City Council for 17 years and now serving

                                                                                                     as your Mayor of City of Red Lick.

                                                                                                      Term expires Nov 2022 ​                                                                                                    



City Secretary

Your City Hall Staff

Sandy Jackson

Welcome to The City of Red Lick, Texas

I began on August 20, 2018 as your City Secretary/Treasurer.  I am retired from LifeNet Inc. after 22 years.   I am married to Bill Jackson and have two amazing daughters.  The loves of my life are my husband, children and especially my 5 grandchildren.  They are my sunshine.  I have lived in Texarkana for 50+ years.  My hobbies are gardening, crafts and spending precious time with my grandchildren.