The community of Red Lick is located just west of Texarkana, Texas.

         The community was first settled in the 1860's and was named by residents who observed that a nearby red clay hill served as a salt lick for the area​ deer. Thus the name "Red Lick"

         By the late 1800's social life centered around the Red Lick Methodist Episcopal church. The Bob Bonner family donated land for the wooden structure that also served as a lodge hall and school. Eventually a cemetery was located on an adjacent tract of land.

         In the 1940's, 50's, and 60's, Red Lick saw many small dairy farms come into existence. This became a boom to the Red Lick economy.  Although the dairies no longer exist, there are still a few of the old milking parlors in existence.

        In 1997 the residents voted to incorporate a 1.9 square mile area into a city. The city's present population is 1008.

        The city has a mayor/council form of government, and is served by a volunteer fire department.