Michael Delaney, 2006-2007

Sheila K. Kegley, 2002-2006

Nadera Sperry, 1997-2002

Edith Cox, 2008-2009


Jo Ellen Haire, Volunteer Secretary

Michael Peek, 1997-2006

Wendell Boozer, 2011-2017


A special thanks to these individuals who have helped us along the way, asking nothing in return.

Sheila K. Kegley, 2006-2016

Denny McBride, Marshal, 1997-2007

Charles Townsend, 1997-2006

Don Dolezalek, 2007-2016

​Lila Murray 2017- 2018

Donna Owens, Volunteer Secretary

Kenny Copeland, 2008-2015

Doris Lindblad, Volunteer Municipal Clerk

Sheila Kegley 2018

Sandra Townsend, Volunteer Secretary

Pete Lewis, 1997-1999

Billy Sams, 2014-2016

James "Sid" Jones, 1997-1999

Jerry Norton, 2016-2017

 Barry Smith, 1999-2000

Bob Akin, 2000-2017

Henry "Hank" White, 2002-2010

Ronald Higgins, 2016-2017

Traci Barker,  2002-2007

Ray Rawls, 1999-2002

Charles Townsend, Map Committee

Jerry Henry, 2009-2015

Jeremy Huddleston, 2006-2007

Leon "Doc: Armstrong, 1997-2002

Red Lick was established in 1997, when the issue of incorporation was placed on the ballot to be voted on by the residents in the proposed boundaries of the municipality.  We were originally incorporated as a Type B Municipality, but the seated council decided to change the municipality to a Type A in 2015. 


Buddy Lindblad, Map Committee