Center Striping and Fog Lines completed on Myrtle Springs Rd at cost of $10,000.

​  ​Streetlights installed at Arnold Rd and Sadie; Earnest Rd and FM 2148 N

  New Signs were placed in the Brewington Addition at a cost of $850.

  Dana Lane was repaired by  Cain Concrete  at a cost of $17,642.26


  Amy and Carrie intersection has been completed by Cain Concrete at a cost of   


  ​Emergency Weather Siren has been repaired with new batteries and chargers. Cost of


  Right of way at Akin Rd and Myrtle Springs Rd have been cleared. Ditches and brush            along Myrtle Springs have also been cleared at a cost of $4,690.

 Carrie Drive has been completed with new concrete sections where the worst     concrete  pavement was in desperate need of repair. H&H Concrete completed of this

  project at a cost of $67,690.

  Quail Hollow and White Oak have been completed by Gibson Asphalt Construction.

  The cost of this project is $151,028



Culvert of White Oak has settled and is washing, Bowie Co has patched and flagged area. Gibson Asphalt will repair street in Spring 2021 after area has cured.

New Street Lights at  Myrtle Springs and Quail Hollow; FM 2148 and Bradley


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