Sarah Lane project has been completed. The circle was removed and the

road is straight through. Completed project  cost of $18,000.

Farren Rd. has been completed with new pea gravel and sealant surface at

a cost of $1,900. ​This Project has been completed

The driveway to reach the tornado siren has been completed at a cost of $11,500.  This Project has been completed.

The City Council approved Sept 12, 2019 to repair and resurface Quail Hollow and White Oak.  This project will be completed in 2 phases.  The first phase will begin November 2019.  After the first phase has cured then 3 inches of hot asphalt mix will be added as a sealant and rolled for max performance.  Completion  will be 2020 at a cost of $151,000. Notice will be sent to residents affected by this construction.